Many windows of traditional Chinese architectures are generously ornamented. Mostly constructed of hand-carved wood, Chinese lattice design is characterized by cultural symbols and repetitive use of geometric patterns. Lattice Collection is a tribute to the sophisticated latticework, turning the architectural art form into a piece of wearable work of art.


Ice-ray Lattice
Ice-ray is ice-line, or lines formed by cracking ice, a result of a molecular strain in shrinking or breaking. When ice forms on quiet water in cold weather, there are straight lines meeting longer lines on the ice surface, making unique and beautiful patterns.


Lucky Cloud Lattice
The geometrical cloud patterns can be found in many different kinds of traditional Chinese decorative art forms. Since the pronunciation of “cloud” and “luck” are very similar in Mandarin, cloud is an emblem of luck in Chinese culture.


Wish Fulfilling Lattice
Wish Fulfilling Lattice shows four bats hovering above a Chinese coin. Bat carries a witty hint of blessings since it shares an identical pronunciation with the word "luck" in Mandarin, while “coin” is homophonous with “before”. In addition, ancient Chinese coins have a square opening called an “eye”. The whole motif has therefore become a rebus for “blessings in front of your eyes”.

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