The Ru Yi, rú yì (如意), scepter is a short sword that symbolizes 'everything as you wish’. It is the first of the eight Buddhist treasures, and its shape is said to have been derived from the magic fungus of immortality, ling zhi (靈芝). When given as a present, the scepter conveys wishes for good fortune and prosperity. The earliest scepters, made of iron, were used as weapons. Later versions were in gold, silver, jade, amber, porcelain, bone or wood.


An image of the Ru Yi (如意) combined with a vase, píng (瓶), representing peace, forms the rebus píng ān rú yì (平安如意), meaning 'may you have peace and everything as you wish’. When the Gods of Peace and Harmony, are shown holding a Ru Yi (如意), it symbolizes 'harmony and everything as you wish’ , hé hé rú yì (和合如意).


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