The pink-and-white blossom of the crab apple is distinguished by its long pedicel. Begonia, hǎi táng (海棠花) and peony, fù guì huā (富貴花) means may the entire family be wealthy and honored (滿堂富貴). The second character of “crab apple” ,hǎi táng (海棠) is a pun for “hall” ,táng (堂), meaning the central part of an ancient Chinese home. Begonia, peony, and white magnolia means may your noble house be blessed with wealthe and honor, yù táng fù guì (玉堂富貴).


Terese Tse Bartholomew, 中國吉祥圖案:Hidden Meanings in Chinese Art, pp. 137, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco